Biomaterials and implants

Session organizer

Prof. Bogdan Walkowiak, Lodz University of Technology

Session scope

The special session BIOMATERIALS AND IMPLANTS is devoted to the issues of material research of biomaterials, their production and intentional modification of existing biomaterials, experimental studies on biocompatibility of biomaterials, the use of biomaterials for the design and production of implants and other medical devices, and the clinical use of biomaterials and implants. Our goal is to present, bring closer and exchange experiences in the field of the latest trends and achievements in this area, with particular emphasis on the potential and scientific and technological thought of Polish research, industrial and clinical teams, but the participation of foreign teams is also very welcome.

We invite both experienced representatives of the above-mentioned and related fields, as well as undergraduate and PhD students to actively participate in the session. It will be an opportunity to face the current state of knowledge and practice in the field of biomaterials and implants, which is a good starting point for further fruitful personal scientific development and a source of inspiration for new research and technological ideas.